How to Use Shortcodes in Templates & Campaigns

What's Inside...

What are Short Codes? 

Short Codes are placeholders within templates that auto-populate user specific information inside of your auto responder messages. 

Rocket Reply makes life simpler for you by setting up shortcodes for:

  1. Dynamic Information: like names, emails, order and shipping information which change with every message. 
  2. Logos: which can be challenging to format into each message
  3. Links: commonly used links for things like reviews, product and order information

Why Use Short Codes?

Studies have shown that a more personal message results in higher engagement and conversions. Personalizing every message is inefficient and a poor use of your time. 

With Short Codes you can create a single template that personally addresses every customer by name, refers to their specific order and sends them to the review page for the specific product they purchased. 

This builds rapport with your customer, adds to your credibility and empowers your customers to take specific actions that are related to their order (I.E. leave a five star review) And what's best is you set it once and it dynamically changes depending on the customer and product to create a personalized email every single time.

How do Short Codes work? 

To use Short Codes just copy the text from the right hand side of your screen into your subject line and body of your email. 

  1. Inside of your template, you will find the list of Shortcodes on the right hand side of the window.
  2. In order to personalize your message with the name of your customer you need to:
    1. Start with a greeting like Hello
    2. Then navigate to the right side of the screen and click on Buyer Info
    3. Under Buyer Info, copy the shortcode [+FirstName+]
    4. And paste into the body of the text next to Hello, so the text reads "Hello [+FirstName+]."

This same premise will work for all short codes both in the body and subject line of the text.