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  1. Q: What are the Buyer Info Codes?
  2. Q: What are the Links Short Codes?
  3. Q: What are the Logo Short Codes?
  4. Q: What are the Order Info Short Codes?
  5. Q: What are the Shipping Info Short Codes?

1. Buyer Codes

These codes populate order relatedthat was placed on Amazon. 

Shortcode Description Example
[+BuyerName+] The FULL name of the customer  John Dillinger
[+FirstName+] The FIRST name of the customer  John
[+BuyerEmail+] The EMAIL of the customer

2. Link Codes

Link Shortcodes are related to one of three things - your store, your product or your customers order. 

Shortcode Description  
[+FeedbackLink+] Link for the customer to leave seller feedback on  your seller account  
[+ExcellentFeedbackLink+] Link for the customer to leave seller feedback with 5-stars pre-selected for  your seller account  
[+ContactLink+] This links your customer to your contact information for  your store  
[+OrderLink+] This links your customer to  their order on their amazon account  
[+ProductLink+] This is a link to  your product page  
[+ProductReviewLink+] This is where they can leave a product review for  your product  
[+StoreLink+] This links your customer to  your Amazon store page  
[+StoreLinkAlt+] This is an Alternate link to your Amazon store page (without seller feedback)

3. Logo Codes

Logo Shortcodes insert your logo into the auto responder email message. 
Short Code Description  
[+Logo+] This adds your logo for your store to the email  
[+LogoLink+] Adds the logo for your store, when clicked it will send customers to your Amazon store   
[+LogoLinkAlt+] Adds the logo for your store, with an alternate link to your Amazon store (page with listings and no feedback)  

4. Order Codes

Order Shortcodes gives specific product information and the recipient who may be different from the buyer. 

Shortcode Description Example
[+ProductTitle+] The name of the product that the customer purchased AeroPress Coffee Maker
[+AmazonOrderId+] The Amazon Order ID for the product 123-4567890-1234567
[+SKU+] Merchant SKU for the product XYZ-910
[+ASIN+] The Amazon ASIN for the product B000GXZ2GS
[+Quantity+] Quantity of Product Ordered 6
[+PriceItem+] Price of the Item (without currency sign) 50.73
[+PriceShipping+] Amount Paid for Shipping (without currency sign) 3.23
[+Recipient+] Recipient name (may be different from buyer) Delilah Dillinger
[+PurchaseDate+] Date that product was ordered 2016-04-20

5. Shipping Codes

Shipping Shortcodes provides dynamic information about the shipping address and arrival times.

Shortcode Description Example
[+ShippingAddress+] Address Line 1  2433 North Lincoln Avenue
[+ShippingAddress2+] Address Line 2 Apt #5
[+ShipCity+] Shipping City Chicago
[+ShipState+] Shipping State IL
[+ShipZip+] Shipping Zip Code 60614
[+ShipCountry+] Shipping Country USA
[+EstimatedArrival+] Estimated Arrival Time (Only available for FBA Orders) 2016-04-29