Amazon Terms of Service - Email Guidelines

Before you create your first campaign, you need to be thoroughly aware of  Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions concerning how you contact your customers so that you don’t break any of their rules. 

These guidelines change periodically, and at Rocket Reply we prioritize staying up to date and within bounds of all Amazon Guidelines. What we can't control, though, is you. So do your best to stay informed. 

Amazon’s Guidelines

As of this writing, Amazon’s guidelines prohibit the following kind of emails:

  • Any kind of advertising, marketing message or calls to action designed to encourage the customer to buy something. You can only send the customer emails concerning products they have already bought from you. DO NOT TRY TO UPSELL IN EMAILS.
  • Any links to websites not related to Amazon or any text designed to take the customer to a non-Amazon website. DO NOT LINK TO ANY WEBSITES OTHER THAN AMAZON.
  • Amazon does not need, or want you to, duplicate the same messages they send, also this is a waste of your messaging power, so there is no need to send out emails telling your customers that their order has been shipped.
  • Amazon allows you to attach PDFs to your emails, which is an easy way to send your customers the free ebook you may have promised them, but their rules also apply to attachments, so do not try to game their policies via an attachment.