Auto-Responder Starter Templates

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Staring at an empty screen can be daunting. That's why the Rocket Reply team has put together a template for your first auto responder. Please always tweak the copy to suit your business's tone and style!

Email #1: Touching Base and Engaging Your Customer

Interval: Typically sent 6 days after order was placed. Make sure customer has received their order by the time this email is sent.

Purpose: Check to make sure your product arrived safely and get ahead of any damaged goods or wrong packaging problems before they become bad reviews. 

Added Value: Take this opportunity to provide answers to frequently asked questions and/or give useful advice on how your product should be used. This is also where you want to attach any "Free Digital Giveaway" with your product.

Generic Template for Email #1

Subject: Have You Received Your [+ProductTitle+] Yet?

Hey [+BuyerName+],

We just wanted to follow up on your recent order of [+ProductTitle+] from us. You should have received it by now but if you haven’t there is a link at the bottom of this email where you can check your order status and get support.

We would like to share some frequently asked questions with you that we’ve received about [+ProductTitle+].

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

If you still have not received your product yet, please contact Amazon using the following link as they handle all our shipping for us so we can offer you the best service.

Alternatively, you can reply to this email and we will help you.


Your Name 
Customer Service Manager 
[+CompanyName+] – Amazon

Email #2 Show You Care About Your Customers & Products

Interval: Typically sent 11 days after order is placed. Customer should have had time to try out and use your product by this stage. 

Purpose: Inquire if customer is using/enjoying the product AND show you care about their experience.

Added Value:  Take this opportunity to provide more in-depth advice about your product and how to best benefit from using it. Always add value to all emails and avoid the trap of sounding needy. 

Call To Action: Ask for customer feedback on the order and delivery process here to increase your seller & product rating.

Generic Template for Email #2

Subject: How Are You Enjoying Your [+ProductTitle+]?

Hi [+BuyerName+],

You should have received your [+ProductTitle+] last week, and we were wondering how it was working out for you?

At [+CompanyName+] we stand by our products completely, and we wanted to follow up with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have not already left seller feedback on how our customer service and delivery has been, it would be appreciated if you would do that. You can leave feedback here:[+OrderNumber+]


Your Name 
Customer Service Manager 
[+CompanyName+] – Amazon

Email #3: Request Feedback and a Positive Review

Interval: Typically sent 16 days after order was placed. Your customer will have been using your product for a couple of weeks and hopefully will have raised any concerns with you. 

Purpose: This email’s main purpose is for you to reach out to the customer to get them to leave a positive review for your product. 

Call To Action: There are two schools of thought on how to best request customer feedback for reviews. 

  1. The first method is to send an automated email which asks the customer to leave a review. 
    • This is great as it’s fully automated but runs the risk of encouraging a user who doesn’t like your product to leave a negative review. 
  2. The second method is to ask them to email you feedback directly. 
    • Then if it is positive feedback you can manually reply to their email and ask them if they’ed be so kind as to leave it as a review. This way you are only encouraging positive reviews for your product.

IMPORTANT: We encourage all users to use the second method which we've found encourages great reviews and minimizes the chance of reputation damaging negative reviews. The choice though, as always, is yours.

Generic Template for Email #3

Subject: About Your [+ProductTitle+] Order

Hi [+BuyerName+],

You have now had your [+ProductTitle+] for about three weeks, and I just wanted to check in with you.

At [+CompanyName+], we are committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction 100% and really take your feedback to heart.

We hope you have enjoyed the information we sent you and are happy with your purchase?

We would really love to hear back from you and find out if our product has met or exceeded your expectations. If you could please find a few minutes to reply to this email and let us know what you think about [+ProductTitle+], we would be very grateful.

Many thanks,

Your Name 
Customer Service Manager 
[+CompanyName+] – Amazon